A Community like no other

Grow with Reiki, Support with Reiki

As 2022 unfolds, a new way of being, of being self-empowered and self-authorising is upon us. Not everyone agrees, understands or is walking with you. The time of finding the 'right' community has never been more crucial. Welcome to our tribe, we look forward to walking with you.

Who Joins?

Elaine holds space for a group of remarkable people, drawn together by a mutual respect, energy, and yearning to journey with fellow space-holders, healers, seekers, and light workers.

  • We believe we are going through a huge paradigm shift and want to understand it and work with it rather than resist it

  • We believe the time of the Ego is ending and that connection with the greater community and source energy is the evolutionary next step.

  • We believe group energy amplifies experience, your energy increases my energy and vice versa. Together we can progress faster than alone.

  • We understand that we impact the world based on our vibration, holding our light as a group has a positive impact on the world around us.

What is Included?

  • Monthly Theme

    A monthly video sets the theme of our group focus and intention, aligned with the global energy and New Earth movement.

  • Weekly Gatherings

    We meet on Zoom on Wednesday, GST 12noon for a deep and healing Reiki meditation - Join live or watch the recording anytime.

  • Community Space

    The Container is our own community space for sharing our stories, inspiration, questions. A wonderful safe space.

In a world turned upside down

Our Community brings peace and insight. Underneath the drama of a world in Ego lies a deep serenity. This is where we meet.


  • What is the cost?

    Our membership is a simple US$15 per month subscription. We want you to want to be here, you can join, cancel, rejoin at any time. Simple!

  • What if I can't make the live calls?

    All calls are recorded and posted on the website within the hour. The meditation energy is just like being on the call, and I recommend you listen to it anytime during the week and even repeat it if you need extra support.

  • Do I have to be Reiki Trained?

    Most of our Community are Reiki peeps but that doesn't mean you have to be! Reiki is what we are about so it does come into conversation, but most important is your desire for spiritual growth.

Member Feedback

What is the Community to our Members?

Growing Stronger

Aarti, Singapore

The community's love, vibrations and themes are so lovingly strong that we are growing stronger and stronger as a group and feel each other's love, support, weirdness, understanding and light, which are ready to embrace. Bring it on!

I Can be Myself

Barbara, Germany

The community allows me to go my own way without actually being alone. I feel supported and safe. And I feel related to which was really weird at first, I usually need years for that. I was always more of a loner and it's amazing for me to feel that incredible energy we are creating together every week.

Exploring what is Possible

Rie, Singapore

The community provides a fun place to explore what is possible :) It is a safe and open space where we experiment a NEW way of living. We explore what is possible with new energy and plant/hold/expand high frequencies

Accomplishing my Soul Purpose

Ionela, Transilvania

I strongly believe that our group helps me to improve myself as a light helper and accomplish my soul purpose