Step into Reiki Mastery

The first part of Reiki Master training and the final step for those not wishing to teach Reiki. Unlock all the secrets of the Reiki attunement, recieve the Master symbol for transformation.

  • Learn how to give a Reiki attunement to others

  • Use self-attunements for powerful personal and spiritual growth

  • Receive the Master symbol for transformation, deepen your Reiki journey and expand your toolbox

Teaching Format

Live online meetings, videos and written materials

This Reiki 3 course includes three online meetings with Elaine to learn the sacred Heart Attunement and its variations and uses. Meetings are spread out over several weeks to give you time to practice and integrate the videos and written materials. Where possible meetings will be grouped to include other students. Watch the free preview Welcome video for more details!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Reiki 3

  • 2

    The Essence of Reiki

    • Universal Life Force

    • Video: Universal Life Force

    • Qualities of Reiki

    • Video: Qualities of Reiki

    • Reflections for the Live Class 1

  • 3

    The Master Symbol

    • Symbology

    • Video: Symbols

    • Big Bright Light

    • Video: Big Bright Light

    • Reiki Symbols and numbering

  • 4

    Sending with the Master's Symbol

    • Live Class 1

    • Sending with the Master's Symbol

  • 5

    The Heart Attunement

    • Explaining Attunements

    • Video: Explaining Attunements

    • The Importance of Lineage

    • Video: The Importance of Lineage

    • Code of Ethics

    • Video: Code of Ethics

    • What affects the Attunement's power?

    • Video: Affects on Attunement Power

    • Rituals and Altars

    • Video: Ritual and Altar

    • The Sacred Attunement

    • Video: The Sacred Attunement

    • Live class 2

    • Heart Attunement Process

  • 6

    Reiki 3 Healing

    • A typical Reiki 3 Treatment

    • Video: a Typical R3 Treatment

    • Cultivating Openness

    • Video: Cultivating Openness

    • Why give an Attunement?

    • R3 why give attunement

  • 7

    Other forms of Attunement

    • Ritual Attunement

    • Minor Chakra Attunement

    • Group Attunement

    • Distance Attunements

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Honing your Intention

    • Video: Honing you Intention

    • Stepping into the Absolute

    • Video: Stepping into the Absolute

    • Energetic Implications of the Levels of Reiki

    • Reiki Master Teacher Training

    • Live Class 3


  • Will I be a Reiki Master after this course?

    No, you will be a Reiki Level 3 practitioner. You will be able to give temporary attunements to loved ones which will activate Reiki in others for a few weeks, but you will not be able to teach others - this requires the Master Teaching Training.

  • Why split the Reiki Master levels into Reiki 3 and Master Teacher Training?

    Many students of Reiki want to understand the final secrets of Reiki ie. how the attunement works, and also to receive the Master symbol for their own personal growth - but they are not interested in Reiki as a career, or are not wanting to go through the 6 month Teacher training program. This allows people to receive all the benefits of Reiki for their own self-growth.

  • What are the pre-requisites for this course?

    You must have completed Reiki Level 2 online or face to face with me, or with a Reiki Centre trained teacher. There needs to be a six month gap between your Reiki 2 and Level 3. You need to complete homework before you can begin your course.

  • What are the Live Classes?

    This course differs from my other online courses in that there are 3 live classes where we meet personally on zoom - they are usually 90mins each session. During this time together I will answer questions based on the recorded sessions you will watch before the live session, and also teach you the attunement process and Master symbol. These sessions are not recorded in keeping with the sacred intention of the attunement process.

  • How do I continue on to Teacher training?

    Once you complete Level 3 you are eligible to begin Teacher training. Most students wait a few months to hone their skills and practice the attunement before making that decision, but there is no pre-requisite wait time. There is homework before you begin Teacher training which you will receive once you state an interest in continuing. The Teacher training is a minimum 6 month course but many people take longer depending on the time they can dedicate to the course.

  • Is their support after this course?

    Yes! I am always available on email and this is ongoing. We also have a wonderful Reiki Master facebook group for Level 3 and Masters. I run free monthly online gatherings and an online Community you can join.