Reiki pure and simple

The basic of Reiki for those wanting to learn for their own home use. Please note this is not a Certification Reiki 1 course

  • Short videos explaining Reiki in easy terms with subtitles

  • A short 5 minute healing audio to help you bring Reiki into your hands yourself

  • 6 further longer meditations to help you manage a range of common issues and to see how you can use Reiki

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Session 1 - Reiki Basics

    • How do I get Reiki?

    • How do I use Reiki?

    • How does Reiki flow automatically?

    • What does Reiki balance?

  • 3

    Using Reiki for yourself

    • Some things to watch for

    • Time to try it for yourself!

    • Session 1 Audio

  • 4

    Session 2 - Let's get Practical

    • Introduction

    • How do I practice Reiki?

    • Sensations of Reiki

    • Ideas on How to Use Reiki

  • 5

    Local Pain Relief

    • Meditation and Reiki for local pain relief

  • 6

    Better Sleep

    • Meditation and Reiki for better sleep

  • 7

    Relaxation and Calming

    • Meditation for Relaxing and Calming

  • 8

    Resetting the Immune system

    • Meditation for resetting the immune system

  • 9

    Intuitive Messages

    • Meditation to develop intuition

  • 10

    Changing Habits

    • Meditation to Change Habits

  • 11

    Keep Reiking!

    • Thank you


  • Is there any contact with Elaine during this course?

    This is a fully online self-study so there are no sessions with Elaine. However you are always welcome to email with any questions and to join the free monthly online groups Elaine hosts.

  • Is this the same as a Reiki 1 Class?

    No, this is a much shorter version which focuses on your own self-care. Elaine developed this for people who may be struggling with illness, frailty, learning difficulties or may not have the time or need to follow a comprehensive Reiki 1 course.

  • How does this differ from a Reiki 1 course?

    Reiki 1 is a comprehensive course that also includes an in-depth look at the Chakra system, the history of Reiki and a deeper look at healing in general. Reiki 1 teaches different hand positions and is more prescriptive than this Self-care course. Reiki 1 also looks at how to give other people Reiki so is more geared towards people who want to use Reiki for others, for pets and plants, as well as themselves.

  • Is there a certificate at the end of this course?

    No, there is no certificate issued but Elaine can send you a Certificate of completion for CPD if required, you can just email her your request.

  • I am hard of hearing, can I still follow along?

    All the videos are captioned. The meditations are in audio mp3 format you can download and listen to on any device.

  • How long is the course available to me?

    There is no closing time for the course. You can come back and revisit as often as you like. You can also download all the meditations and keep them on your devices.

  • How do I know if I have Reiki in my hands?

    Many people experience sensations like tingling, heat, vibrations that alert them to energy moving in their hands and body. Sometimes you will not feel much but you will notice little things like your mood improves, you start to sleep better, or you feel more calm and peaceful. This may take some time to notice, and of course you need to practice the meditations and Reiki yourself!

  • I was told I need a physical attunement with a Reiki Master to have Reiki in my hands, how can I do it on my own just by listening to the audios?

    Reiki, and healing, has undergone some enormous changes in the past decade. What was thought to be an attunement that had to be passed from teacher to student is now starting to be seen as obsolete. The popularity of online courses has seen thousands of students embrace Reiki courses without Reiki Masters' help. The time for our own self-empowerment and abilities to self-attune are now here and available to all.

What people say:

I loved the Reiki for Self Care course

Mary T

"It is perfect for anyone who wants Reiki for their own wellbeing or an introduction without over committing. The meditations with the embedded attunement are gorgeous and very effective. I was a little surprised what popped up for me in the intuition meditation, but it made so much sense and explains a lot! I would have no hesitation recommending this to anyone and have already done so."