Begin your Healing Journey

Reiki is a wonderful tool for personal empowerment and self-healing. It provides inner stability, peace and for many a "coming home". The Reiki Centre Reiki 1 course is a comprehensive deep dive into the wonderful world of your inner light.

  • Bring your healing into your own hands, build your immune system and release stress, anxiety and fear

  • Easy to build your own healing routine, guided meditations and simple healing practices to get started immediately

  • Quick results, start to feel more peace and calm within weeks! Enjoy feeling more and more "yourself" as your practice deepens

  • Take your time to go through the comprehensive materials and videos, there is no expiry date on this course, come back to revise anytime

Why learn Reiki with The Reiki Centre?

  • Depth of Teaching

    Elaine G Hamilton has been teaching Reiki for over 25 years and authored two Reiki books. She brings enormous depth and wisdom to her videos and materials.

  • Global Community

    No matter where you live you can benefit from Reiki. The Reiki Centre Community meets online both through live meetings, and on our social platforms.

  • Take your Time

    In our busy world, it can be difficult to find time for a full weekend class. No matter what your commitments, you can choose your own schedule.

Reiki 1 Curriculum

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  • 1


  • 2

    What is Reiki?

    • Introduction

    • Universal Life Force

    • Qualities of Reiki

    • Reiki energy is osmotic

    • Video: Osmotic

    • Reiki energy is all-encompassing

    • Video: All-encompassing

    • Reiki is automatic

    • Video: Automatic

    • Reiki is complementary

    • Video: Complementary

    • Reiki is universal and limitless

    • Video: Universal and Limitless

  • 3

    Accessing Reiki through Attunements

    • Introduction

    • Attunement Video

  • 4

    Why We Need Healing

    • What do we mean by ‘healing’ ?

    • Video: What is healing?

    • Bringing our system back into balance

    • Video: Back to balance

    • Why are we getting so stressed?

    • Video: Why are we so stressed?

    • Taking response-ability

    • Flicking the switch

    • Video: Flicking the switch

  • 5

    Reiki and Levels of Healing

    • Effectiveness of Reiki

  • 6

    Topical and First Aid Reiki

    • Reiki and Physical Healing

    • Sensations of Reiki

    • Video: Sensations with Reiki

    • Reiki for First Aid

    • Video: Reiki and First Aid

    • Tips when using Reiki for first aid

    • Video: First aid Tips

    • Opening Reiki Doors for Others

    • Video: Casual Reiki

  • 7

    The Chakra System

    • Chakra Introduction

    • Video: Explaining Chakra

    • Base Chakra

    • Video: Base Chakra

    • Sacral Chakra

    • Video: Sacral Chakra

    • Solar Plexus Chakra

    • Video: Solar Plexus Chakra

    • Heart Chakra

    • Video: Heart Chakra

    • Throat Chakra

    • Video: Throat Chakra

    • Third Eye Chakra

    • Video: Third Eye Chakra

    • Crown Chakra

    • Video: Crown Chakra

    • Chakra Summary Table

  • 8

    Chakra Balancing Treatment

    • Introduction

    • Chakra position tips

    • Chakra balancing treatment and meditations

    • Video: Chakra Balancing for Others

    • Video: Chakra Balancing Self-Treatment

  • 9

    How Reiki teaching focus has evolved

    • Introduction

    • Your Reiki Lineage

    • Usui’s Five Principles

    • 5 principles

  • 10

    Using Reiki for True Healing

    • Introduction

    • The Iceberg Concept

    • An ‘Iceberg’ case study

    • Video: The Iceberg

    • Reconnecting with Ourselves

    • Making Changes

    • Taking care of our Thinking

    • Optimising Reiki

    • Video: An Apple a day

  • 11

    Using Meditation to Know Ourselves

    • The Power of Meditation

    • Video: Meditation

  • 12

    Reiki Self-Treatment

    • The 12 basic positions

    • Video: 12 body positions

    • Treatment tips

    • Unexpected Responses to Reiki self-treatments

    • Video: Self-treatment responses

    • Meditation Benefits

    • Top 3 Meditation Myths

    • Video: Meditation tips and myths

    • 12 Body Positions 30 minute meditation

  • 13

    Treating others using the 12 basic positions

    • Tips when treating others

    • Video: Treating others

    • A Typical Treatment

    • Video: 12 Body Positions Hand positions

    • Video: A Typical treatment

    • Some common responses to a Reiki Treatment

    • Video: common responses

    • Getting permission

    • Video: Getting permission

    • Protecting yourself

    • Video: Energy Boundaries

  • 14

    Reiki Results and Cautions

    • Medications/ Surgery Tips

    • Video: Medical tips

    • Explaining the healing curve

    • Treatment timing

    • Energy exchange

    • Video: timing, exchange and healing curve

    • Moving into Intuitive Treatments

  • 15

    Other General Uses of Reiki

    • Treating children

    • Video: Reiki and Children

    • Treating animals

    • Video: Treating Pets

    • Treating plants

    • Video: Other General Uses

  • 16

    Reiki Levels of Training

    • The benefits of higher level training

    • Reiki Level Two

    • Reiki Level Three/Master

  • 17


    • Homework Feedback

  • 18


    • Recommended reading

Happy Students

I love the videos!

Kristine, South Korea

I think this class was a wonderful way to immerse in studying Reiki. It's a great way to receive attunements, especially for students like me who are limited with options due to geographical and cultural location. Elaine, thank you for offering this course, it has truly enriched my life!

Very good and clear

Saman, Vietnam

I really felt that this was an excellent experience. I am glad that I followed this program and start feeling the differences

I really enjoyed the class :)

Durga, Singapore

It means a lot that you were always there to answer any questions that I've had. I am also grateful for the continued support after the classes are over. It is one thing to have a teacher and another thing to have a mentor and you are definitely a mentor! Your responses were always enthusiastic and it made me feel like no questions is too small to ask.

I really enjoyed the guided meditations.

Warrick, USA

The whole Reiki experience has been incredible. I have noticed improvements in calmness, peacefulness and overall awareness of everything.

Start your Reiki Journey Today!

Begin your wonderful healing journey to self-empowerment.


  • How do I get the Attunements?

    Once you register, Elaine will be in touch via email to schedule the attunement times. You can begin on the course material right away and you will notice your Reiki gets stronger as the attunements are performed.

  • What if I have any questions?

    Elaine is always available via email for any questions that arise as you go through the course, or anytime afterwards as you begin to practice your tools.

  • Is there a time scale I need to complete the course?

    Once you register you have lifetime access to the course. You can take your time to complete the homework to receive your certificate, but also revisit the course anytime in the future to refresh. Any updates or additions Elaine makes in future will also be made available to you.

  • Is this a Certified Reiki course?

    Yes, Elaine will issue you a Reiki 1 Certificate on completion of the coursework and homework. It is important to do your research though, some Reiki associations do not recognise online courses, so if this is important to you then a face to face class may be a better choice.

  • Is there any ongoing support?

    Absolutely! Elaine runs a monthly online Reiki gathering, an online Community membership, and frequently posts free resources on her YouTube channel and Blog. You will also receive a regular newsletter.

Your Teacher

Reiki Teacher

Elaine Hamilton Grundy

Elaine has been teaching Reiki for over twenty years. She is author of “Reiki, Pure and Simple” a down to earth and accessible introduction to Reiki and "Reiki - A Path to Freedom" an advanced Reiki book exploring Reiki as a spiritual pathway. Elaine founded The Reiki Centre in 2007 to focus on bringing high quality Reiki teaching to those interested in self-empowerment. Elaine has been offering homestudy Reiki classes since 2013 to meet growing demand for online learning and to make Reiki accessible to all.